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Progressive Martial Arts

  • Thursdays 7pm till 8pm
  • Sport and Exercise, Education
  • All ages
  • £5

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The Progressive Martial Arts core syllabus is Xian Jing Gung Fu (Freestyle Kung Fu registered with the CMAA). 


Our syllabus teaches everything from basic punching and kicking before progressing to more technical combinations. Once you have a good foundation, advanced areas include trapping, grappling and sweeping. 


Our goal is to help you feel confident in every confrontational situation whilst improving overall health and fitness. That's why we have something for everyone.


After many years running a full time succesful school at Catterick we are often told by students about the positive impact training has had on their lives.


Don't just take our word for it - come along and try our classes in Northallerton!


Ages 14+


£5 per class

Tel: Kris 07739 317174

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The Forum, Bullamoor Road,
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